Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Little Red Spoon and Some Red Things

I've got nothing!
Seriously where is all the red?
So, if you don't mind, check out the little red spoon in my son's 6 1/2 birthday party. And the red on his Mario PJ's aaaaannnndddd...the red on the crayon box in the background.

Picture 080

Head over to Mary's Work of the Poet, the home of Ruby Tuesday to see some real red photos.


  1. Plus their is the smiling red lips of those adorable children!!
    I love that picture, your kids are always cute, no matter what they are doing or what they are wearing.
    Thanks for sharing Handsome's special day!
    Happy 6 1/2 birthday little man!

  2. I see red lips and cute smiles ^_^

    My Ruby Tuesday Here


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