Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Saturday Special~~Creative Adventure XVI

1. While on a Caribbean cruise, I take the elevator to get to my room. Accidentally pressing the wrong button, the elevator door closes and then opens and I find myself staring at a group of men with cell-phones at the end of the hall. They are all wearing black tie and talking quietly?

2. Being the curious type, I leave the elevator and start to walk down the hallway and soon come to an open door. Inside I see George Clooney, adjusting his tie, slapping some cologne on and he starts walking toward the door.

3. Now worried, I turn around to go back to the elevator when I suddenly see that he has spotted me and as he leans over to give me a kiss on the cheek...
4. A little relieved and laughing to myself I realize that I am early for our date.

Oh well, a girl can wish can't she?

That was fun. If you want to play along come on over to The Saturday Special.

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