Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things to Be Grateful For

My birthday is never really a big deal. Maybe it is because I don't outwardly make a big deal of it but I do think it is kind of a big deal. I would love the whole family to come in to my room in the morning and scream happy birthday as they lavish me with a few tokens of their affection, home made cards, breakfast in bed, kisses, nothing big. Lunch with some friends would be awesome and then dinner out with my family would be heaven. But since, it doesn't always go that way, I am going to remind myself of the things I am grateful for today.

- My friends all calling me to wish me a happy birthday.

- My kids singing happy birthday with my husband tonight.

- My husband coming home and taking the kids to the yard for a little while.

- Shooting the shit with Bek today. Talking to a friend about randomness really does take your mind of the craziness of life.

- The beautiful butterfly they graced me with her presence today, yesterday and the day before. She needs to start paying rent.

- Receiving cards from my dad, grandma (both with money - woot), my friend Bek and my dear friend who I have never met in Australia. I am dying to meet her. Oprah, can you hook us up?

- My son's therapists stopping by for their last day with him and talking about whatever. One of them hugging me for my birthday, hugs are always good. I am a big time hugger and I think it is a lost affection.

- Spending some time to myself today at the computer.

- Finding out that one of my blogs made the blogs of the day over at Wordpress. That really rocks!

- Having my friend Teresa call to tell me that her niece might be born on my birthday. Her sister in law is in the hospital laboring as we speak.

- And most of all, being above ground, breathing, healthy and alive. Amen!

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  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    SO glad you had a great day! It was well deserved :)


    PS - I still say Pulp Fiction ROCKS, in fact, I'll have Ohio whip you up a 'Royale with Cheese' on Saturday


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