Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Accountant Is A Shithead

Yesterday, I explained what has been going on with my Accountant.

He was supposed to call me this afternoon according to what he said yesterday. I called him at 1:30 telling him that I expected his return call by 3:00 and that honestly, I was surprised that I had to chase him around for my amended return.

He called at 4:45. I asked him if my return was ready and he said he was printing it out as we speak. He wanted to check it out and would I be able to pick it up at 5:30.

I honestly didn't want to have to pick it up and felt that he should make some sort of effort since I have been the one contacting him since he admitted to his F'Up. I said yes because honestly I didn't want to wait any longer.

When I got there I told him the new office had a lot of character. The building was over 100 years old and charming. I had the kids sit down and he handed me the folder with my paperwork in it.

He started to explain what I would be getting back and I questioned him on the amount. He said, that he had messed up the return because of the cost of goods and I told him that I understood that because that was what started the whole thing rolling.

If you know me you know that this is totally out of character but I said to him, "I have to be totally honest with you because if I don't I will be upset when I leave here that I didn't say anything. What happened?' He again said, something about him leaving the cost of goods out and I told him I knew that but why did it take a week to get my return back?"

Then I said, that I felt it was disrespectful that I had to chase him down for a week to get my amended return back and "people make mistakes and you owned up to it but if this was your money that you were waiting for you would want it. You know our situation and how we are struggling, it isn't right that you took a week to get this return to me. If I were you I would have been in constant contact with my client to let them know what was going on. You never returned my calls or my emails and that is not good business. Word of mouth is a huge compliment and you could have totally rectified this problem by handling it professionally so what happened? Why did it take a week to get this to me?"

He said, "I have no excuse. I was planning for my ribbon cutting." I then told him that "he should have called me to tell me that he had something he was planning but that he would get to my return as soon as he was done. I got the amounts to you on Thursday and you had your ribbon cutting on Tuesday (name) there was plenty of time to either do my return and get it right back to me or to let me know that you didn't forget me and would get it to me as soon as your ribbon cutting was done."

He sat there with his arms folded, nodding his head because really, what could he say? It was all true. It was so uncomfortable. I know he was just waiting for me to finish but I just had to say something.

Waste of time? Probably! He thinks I am an idiot? Most likely. Honestly I don't really care. I never cursed him, I never raised my voice, I just spoke the truth and he can never say I disrespected him.

Some People Just Suck!


  1. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Must be nice to lose a client and not lose any sleep over it :\

    At that point he probably figured he was never going to see you again, so that dropped you down to the lowest priority. Definitely not good business.

    Good for you for being honest and pointing out his poor business practices!!!

    PS - SO glad this has all been straightened out. Aside from the annoyance of it all, it's gonna be somewhat of a relief :)

  2. Anonymous5:07 AM

    BTW - LOVE the title! Tell us how you REALLY feel ;)


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