Thursday, August 14, 2008

Product Review - Flippee

Last week I received Flippee from creater Annmarie and flipped for it.

What is it you ask???

Well, let me just say this, you need it!

Flippee, got to love the name, was created by a mom of 3 boys to help them potty train. Her son, as most little ones, had an aiming problem. We've all heard the old put a Cheerio in the toilet and have them aim at it but hellllooooo...they are kids and their aim is a bit off. Hell, my 37 year old husband's aim is a little off.

Flippee, attaches to any toilet seat by 2 suction cups. When in use Flippee (God I love that word), is in the up position and your child or ummm husband is told to not hit Flippee but to hit the water. A nice big target of water instead of a little tiny Cheerio.

When it is not being used Flippee flips down (hence the name) and now is covering the bottom of your toilet.

My two boys (the husband and my 5 year old are potty trained is the main reason you need Flippee......

Flippee serves as a shield to protect the bottom of your toilet also. With two men in the house, I clean the base of my toilet every day. Ok, this is gross but there is always some yellow around the very base of the toilet. Since using Flippee, no pee streaks!!!! Who doesn't love that? I wish I found this well, the year I was married. This easy to use, easy to clean product would have saved me a lot of arguments.

I say, if you have a little one potty training, or a couple boys in the house who just can't aim pick up Flippee, you too will flip over it. Oh, and if you know someone getting married soon; pick up one for her too.

To order Flippee, head on over to Annmarie's Flippee Website and see for yourself why you need Flippee.

Check out video of how easy Flippee is to use.

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