Monday, February 15, 2021

Tips For Successfully Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great thing to do. You get satisfaction from knowing where they have been grown and in what conditions, and you get to save a little bit of money along the way, but what do you really need to know to successfully grow vegetables? Is it simply just a case of throwing a few seeds in some tubs and waiting for them to grow? Well, in short, no, just throwing seeds in a pot with some compost might work OK, but if you are looking to feed a family with your produce you will need to be a lot more organized.

Decide What To Grow

There is so much choice around of seeds to get you started with, from tomatoes to zucchinis, but which ones are right for you. It all comes down to two things, the first being taste and preference, so what do you enjoy eatingGrow what you enjoy eating to ensure when it comes time to harvest that none gets wasted. Secondly, it all comes down to space. How much space do you have, and how much can you spare. If you only have a balcony, you will most likely be restricted to growing in pots, however, if you have a garden, you could create your own vegetable plot if you wish.

Get The Right Equipment

You will need good quality gardening equipment to get you started, including compost gardening gloves, a spade, trowel, and pots for your seeds. Even though you will be investing a small amount at the beginning, think about the potential savings you could make. Over time the savings could be enough to treat yourself to a Maui family resorts vacation due to spending less on grocieries. Having the right equipment, including everything from tomato feed to forks, will ensure you have everything to get you started when growing your own vegetables.

To Plug or To Seed

Once you have decided what to grow, you now need to decide how you will grow it. This might sound silly, but do you want to try and grow vegetables from seed, or would you feel more comfortable growing them from plug plants, which are already little tiny plants. The difference between the two price-wise is quite a bit, mainly due to the fact that the plug plant has been cared for longer than a packet of seeds. Using plug plants or seeds is your choice; just remember to always follow the care and growth guidance for each vegetable to ensure the best results possible. Limit the use of pesticides where possible and try and grow using peat-free compost to ensure your product is as organic as possible.

Know Your Seasons

Knowing when to plant is just as important as what to plant. It might be worth joining a local gardening group either virtually or physically to find out what grows and when, as growing times can vary depending on where you live. A few weeks difference between sowing seeds could mean the difference between the seeds growing or not.

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