Saturday, February 27, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Nov 1 - Nov 10, 2020

November 1 - 23 years married! Work attire! Didn't take a couple picture but did manage to show just how sweaty I was in my mask.

November 2 - My girl's artwork!

November 3 - Tasty Tuesday - Letter C. My class tried foods and drink starting with Letter C. It was a good day considering they knew these foods except the chick peas. Only 3 eat them.

November 4 - We made a spiky cactus for Letter C. So easy to do. Just cut out a cactus and give the class a fork they dip in paint. 

November 5 - Two of my toddlers enjoying some recess time. These two little dudes enjoyed watching the trucks go by.

November 6 NADA

November 7 - This little lady was spotted in our gazebo as we took it down for winter. She was huge and impressive but we had to get rid of her.

November 8 my fall decorations! I wish I could leave them up all year!

November 9 - Halloween finds at Walmart. 90% off!!!!

November 10 - Letter O for Tuesday Tuesday. Only two kids tried the olives. I could have eaten that whole jar. 

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