Tuesday, February 23, 2021

My Life In Pictures September 8 - September 16th

September 8 - Nada

September 9 - First day of school. It is very interesting that they are starting 10th and 11th grade but due to COVID only go to school every other day. Things will one day be the better right? 

September 10 - I love this umbrella for Cats and Dogs 3. So cute. I remember having clear umbrella's when I was a little girl and the kind that come down far like this one are my absolute favorites. 

September 11 - I love this activity for my preschool class. It was so easy to and parents love it. Each child lied on the floor and I measured them. Then cut some string that was the same size as the child, attached it with some painter's tape to a piece of paper with a little poem. You can use anything you like but we love this one. 

September 12 - My husband bought a mannequin to use for a Halloween decoration. I throw some material and chains around him that I got at Dollar Tree as well as the dark makeup. I thought he looked amazing but my husband had other ideas for him. But for a while, this was my guy and I hugged him every time I passed him in the dining room. Don't judge. I like tall guys. 

September 13 - Nada

September 14 - Me hugging Noah! I named him and loved having him in the dining room. 

September 15 - Noah after my husband started changing him. I was not happy but eventually he turned out amazing!!! Still so hard to believe this was just this mannequin we purchased from amazon.

September 16 - This pumpkin we purchased from Michael's a few years ago. It just a ceramic pumpkin but my husband created the most amazing jack-o-lantern that would look like it was flaming due to the light bulb he put in it. 

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