Friday, January 15, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Sept 1 - Sept 7, 2020

September 1 - My girl and I went glamping with some friends who were kind enough to invite us to go with her and her kids. It was a nice time away doing something different with my daughter. We had a great time being unplugged and hanging with her and her kids.

September 2 - My girl and I hanging in our bedroom of the cabin! Small but cosy!

September 3 - NADA

September 4 -  My deck lanterns are some of my favorite things to take photos of.

September 4 -Sometimes I need to take photos of myself. I do not like this photo. My hair is strange. My eyebrows so need help and my skin looks so dry and aged but I like my eye color so  photo was necessary. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. Always find something you like about yourself. It is important for your soul and we are our own worst critic. 

September 6 - NADA

September 7 - This skeleton looks so weird. Not even sure why we took this photo. 

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