Sunday, January 10, 2021

My Life In Pictures - July 1 - July 14

 July 1 - it's me just better. Thank you Snapchat.

July 2 - When you really love a Snap filter you tend to use it a lot!

July 3 - Addicted to this fruit salad!

July 4 - 7 NADA

July 8 - Just a few Diamonds!

July 9 - 10 - NADA

July 11 - I got myself a sweet little iPhone 11 Pro Max and took my first Macro! LOVE IT! These are pods from the trees. As a kid I called them helicopters.

July 12 -  My deck is my happy place!

July 13 - OMG this lady with her egg sac. Soooo nasty. How dare she hang out in my gazebo.

July 14 - Still playing with my new phone. Love it so much. Worth the money.

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