Monday, January 11, 2021

My Life In Pictures - July 22 - July 31, 2020

 July 22 - Stormy eating a strawberry! 

July 23 & 24 -  NADA

July 25- Stormy had a pedicure so we took her home and gave her a bath than sat in the sun so she wouldn't get a chill. She was happy to eat her tomato and dry off. 

June 26 - Found this bugger on the tomato plants. Relocated but not before taking a zillion pictures.

June 27 - Do you see what I see? 

June 28 - She's not great but I drew her. 

June 29 -  Just a few sketches. I thought they were cute.

June 30 - Our bed house. 

June 31 - My how things have changed. School days and with a mask. 

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