Wednesday, January 13, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Aug 8 - Aug 22

Aug 8 - This is a painting my daughter did years ago and she always hated it. Before we threw it away I took a photo so I could remember it.

Aug 9 - My daughter and I are obsessed with this whipped coffee and have it at least a 4 times a week. It is so good and a real treat.

Aug 10 - This bee with the mean face! Scary! Nasty! Vile creature. 

Aug 11 - Why do beautiful teens hate camera?! She use to allow me to take thousands of photos of her when she was little but now if I pull out my camera or phone I get this!

Aug 12 - Nothing

Aug 13 - For my 54 birthday I asked my daughter to make me a lava cake. It is the perfect size and so good. I love it mostly because she made it for me. 

Aug 14 - NADA

Aug 15 - When I feel good I take selfies like every other woman.  Thank you Snapchat for making me feel pretty.

Aug 16 - 19 NADA

Aug 20 - This morning I decided to take my kids to breakfast. It is a treat we don't do often. It was beautiful out and so worth it.

Aug 21 - My daughter takes photos of my radio when a song comes on that she wants to remember. I have no idea what the song was it's blurry but I love spending time with her. We were on our way back from Shoprite and singing to the radio!

Aug 22 - My cats love hanging out on the chairs under the table. Sometimes you have no idea they are there until you try to pull one out.

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