Sunday, January 10, 2021

My Life In Pictures - June 18 - June 30 - Playing catch up

 June 18 - Got my daughter an Unus Annus Sweatshirt! Here is her art! Soooo good.

June 19 - Camp Warner Bros box! So excited to be part of this!

June 20 - Went to a friends who is moving to Florida with my daughter. She had opened her home for everyone to come in and take what they want. She can't take it all and with COVID she was denied a yard sale. We got a ton of stuff for nothing and my daughter is a future picker! She got some good stuff!

June 21 - Father's Day!

June 22 - My girl is a talented girl!

June 23  -  Talented! I wish she could see how amazing she is! Her work is incredible. I wish I had half her talent. 

June 24 - The artist at work!

June 25 - We have roses!

June 26 - So Pretty!

June 27 -  My girl loves taking photos as much as I do.

June 28 - My Bleeding Hearts from last year actually bloomed. We were so excited. Only got a few blooms but we were so happy.

June 29 -  Working from sources. Trying to learn face symmetry.  

June 30 - Out walking with my girl! We love old farms. 

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