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What Is Beautiful? New book encourages young girls to “Be you, to the full”


What is Beautiful? (Parent Cue, August 14, 2020) aims to inspire mothers to reflect on their own adolescence and self-image and spark meaningful conversations with their kids about the true nature of beauty. Sprünger, a survivor of eating disorders and exercise addictions, can also speak to parents about the difficult topics of anorexia and bulimia.

ATLANTA – What is beautiful? It’s a question many girls and women struggle to answer throughout their lives in a way that’s satisfying or affirms a positive self-image. But what if we could change that for our daughters, and our daughters’ daughters?

The debut children’s book by Abbie (Smith) Sprünger, What Is Beautiful? (Parent Cue, Aug. 14, 2020) may be her most important work to date. A proud mother of daughters,
one of whom is adopted from India, Sprünger shares her personal healing journey and the lessons she learned from years of battling eating disorders and struggling with body dysmorphia. What Is Beautiful? reveals a beauty young readers can truly embrace — a beauty looking back at them in a mirror each day. Featuring colorful illustrations by Ashley Lauren Snyder, What Is Beautiful? is a whimsical and refreshing reflection on authentic beauty for every girl, at every age.

Sprünger has partnered with the ONE Campaign, a global movement against extreme poverty and preventable diseases. She will donate $1 of every What Is Beautiful? sale to HIV research, a personal issue, given her adopted daughter from India is HIV+. 

Though What Is Beautiful? is a rhyming illustrated book appropriate for children ages 6-12, Sprünger also hopes to inspire parents and caregivers, especially mothers, to reflect on their own adolescence and self-image and spark meaningful conversations with their kids about the true nature of beauty.

Abbie Sprünger 
has authored multiple books for young adults and families, and works alongside her husband, Micah, as a caretaker of Wesley Gardens Retreat in Savannah, Georgia. Abbie is the proud mother of Elliana, Eden and Aaliya. As the survivor of eating disorders and exercise addictions, as well as a member of a diverse household, she drew from her personal journey of healing and redemption to positively impact new generations of girls everywhere. Follow Abbie at @wesleygardenslife.
Ashley Lauren Snyder is an interior designer by trade, artist by passion. She’s wife to Jacob and mama to Margo Moon, and her “why” in life is knowing God and making Him known, walking through days with her palms up and heart open. Ashley dreams big and smiles bigger. You can find her at @ashleylaurensnyder, where she shares her heart and life (probably on the back porch with a cup of coffee) from her family’s cabin nestled in the Ozarks of Arkansas.


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The 411:

After reading this book out loud I felt like I was hugged. The book talks about how God created you beautiful and perfect just the way you are. From your fingers, freckles, the width of your nose, even the parts that are squishy. You are exactly who you are suppose to BE! Be you!

I loved the illustrations and the simple prose which delivered a lot even though it was simple and only a sentence per page. Truly a beautiful book for beautiful you!

My 15 year old daughter did not enjoy it. She felt it was trying too hard whatever that means but I wonder what she would have thought if she had read it alone quietly to herself. At 15 no matter how beautiful your parents tell you that you are, unless someone else were to say it, you don’t know it. Why is that?! I believe she felt all the words and was too embarrassed to say so. 

Definitely a beautiful book and I know exactly who I am gifting this to.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.  



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