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Gift Idea Photo Pearls It's A Puzzle But Not @goliathgamesus

Photo Pearls lets children transform their photos into unique works of art. It’s super easy – all children must do is upload their photo to the Photo Pearls app to “pearlize” their image. Then they can start assembling their piece of art with the key provided. A wonderful alternative to puzzles, Photo Pearls is a great stress reliever that will leave children with a show-stopping piece of art. 

The 411:

This is definitely a fun alternative to puzzles. We will be working on it for a while but I love spending time doing puzzles or anything for that matter with my kids. Sitting unplugged with my kids allows us time to talk, laugh and make memories. All very important in this quick life we are living. 

Photo Pearls comes with a color photo, 4 peg boards, 4 templates for your image, instructions, adhesive sheets to put your four pieces together and 3600 pegs so you can create the adorable cat image on the box. You can even create your own by uploading a photo. There is an activation code included in the box so you can "pearlify" your very own photo.


The sheet with the colors are easy to follow and my daughter did the counting while I searched for the colors she would need making small piles of each color.

 There are three separate bags of pegs.

Each bag is numbered as well.

The first thing she did was make sure the peg board was lined up with the picture and that the insert tabs were in position to be attached to the next board. We were worried that if we didn't do that things wouldn't match up in the end.

The only problem she seemed to have was sometimes deciphering colors. They were too similar to each other on the board and she didn't think she would see the numbers underneath so she kept moving the pegboard. She did a lot of counting to make sure she was always in the right spot.

I loved that it takes two of my favorite childhood things paint by numbers and puzzles and combines them to make art!

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Photo Pearls

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honset opinion

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