Saturday, December 29, 2018

My Life In Pictures - December 12 - December 19

December 12 - I have wanted so badly to try FabFitFun after seeing everyone and their mother showing theirs off on Instagram. I received my box and LOVED it.

December 13 - My new favorite dinner has been oregano shrimp and some sort of green. At least twice a week and I love it.

December 14 - Sage and her huge eyes. We love this cat even though she could care less for any of us unless she just woke and wants to nurse on our shirts. She is adorable.

December 15 - Goddess and I did our second year of baking. We made about 8 different cookies but I think my favorites were these Linzer cookies.

December 16 - Getting ready for my preschool class goody bag assembling. I love doing bags for them. It is fun and since my kids are big now it is fun to get gets together for toddlers.

December 17- One of my little guys using the Paint Sation. They love it and we love that they can independently paint without making a mess. See my review here.

December 18 - OMG Handsome has matured so much over the past year and I am not ready. This was right after his new haircut. He was loving himself and I love him so took a few shots. He liked this one so much he asked me to send it to him so he could put it on his Instagram.

December 19 - My preschool class stringing bells onto pipe cleaners for the holiday concert. This is a great fine motor skill exercise for kids under supervision.

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