Monday, December 10, 2018

Books That Speak Toddler! by Carol Zeavin, MSEd, Med, and Rhona Silverbush, JD

TERRIFIC TODDLERS (Magination Press, children's book division of American Psychological Association), authors, Carol Zeavin, MSEd, Med, and Rhona Silverbush, JD, use groundbreaking research to craft age-appropriate stories that takes into account the language level and comprehension level of a toddler.  All books in the series include a concise “Note to Parents and Caregivers” in the back that provides parents with guidelines for both navigating these challenges and helping their toddlers understand their world. The three books are: ALL MINE, BYE-BYE, and BOO-BOO.

The 411:

These are perfect for toddlers. I work in preschool, my class is 2-3 years old and these are the things I deal with everyday with this age group. My class loved hearing these books and the illustrations are perfect. They all wanted to point to the pages at once. 

All Mine is all about one of the biggest things I deal with in a classroom setting. At this age everyone thinks everything is there. In All Mine a few toddlers are dealing with this very thing hello there is a teacher who is there to guide them telling them the things I tell our kids in class every day. "I know you want to play with that, but so and so is playing with that right now. Here is something else to play with." Great books for kids, caregivers, parents and teachers. 


In the book Boo-Boo! JoJo is running fast and falls. She gets hurt and daddy is there to pick her up and take care of her boo-boo. She learns that being scared is okay but that her boo-boo will go away. Perfect book for those minor injuries toddlers get.


With Bye-Bye toddlers learn that moms and dads sometimes have to leave for a little while but they always come back. I must say that 5 times a day as I hold a crying toddler who doesn't want to leave their favorite person in the world (Mom or Dad). It is hard on the parents, hard on the toddlers and sometimes hard on the teacher. I am a mom and know.  Parents and children will love this book my daytime kids did!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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