Monday, September 17, 2018

Reluctant Reader Spotlight - Screenshoot by Donna Cooner

Screenshot by Donna Cooner

From Donna Cooner, author of Can't Look Away and Worthy, comes another "zeitgeisty" and socially relevant novel about social media and cyberbullying in high school today.

Skye's life is perfect, or at least that's what it looks like on her Instagram account. She may be counting down the days until she can get out of her small town, but her social media game is always on point. However, the one time she looks less-than-perfect while she's at a sleepover, her friend Riley catches it all in an embarrassing video. Skye thinks the video is deleted and gone, until someone texts her a screenshot from it. Whoever has the photo is threatening to leak it unless Skye does whatever they say. Skye's perfect image and her privacy are suddenly in jeopardy. What will Skye do to keep the photo under wraps? And who is trying to ruin her life? 

The 411:

For those who know my, you know why I love this book so very much. WINK!

Screenshot follows the life of 4 girls (Skye, Ashe, Harmony and Emma) who are all growing up and dealing with normal teenage issues one of them being social media.  Like most kids and adults these days social media plays a big role in this book about a girl named Skye who wishes she could press rewind on one moment of her life.   Her life suddenly takes a turn when she is blackmailed by an unknown person who threatens to put her picture on social media and ruin her life.

Why I love this book

Besides the social media aspect which young readers will be able to relate to, the book focuses on how we all have our own drama that we live with and that no one really knows everything others are dealing with so be kind to everyone. You never know what is going on in someone else's life so like I tell my kids show compassion always.

I also love how the book makes a point to mention that just because someone's life looks perfect on social media it really is just a snippet of their life and how everyone posts just the best parts.

Skye is a great character for young girls to read about. She is smart, driven, strong minded, loyal, mostly confident and wants to go places in life. She also eventually realizes that this blackmailer's threats are not the worst thing that can happen to her.  We can all overcome!

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