Sunday, September 09, 2018

My Life In Photos Aug 8th - Aug 16

August 8 -This flower in our garden is so cute but even cuter with a cat drawn my Goddess on Picsart.

August 9 - We had so many flowers in the garden and I know I took a ton of them but on August 9th this was the only one. Hmmmm.

August 10 - It looks plastic but unfortunately it wasn't. When I moved the litter box this devil spawn decided to come out. UGH...I hate spiders. I used antibacterial cleaner to kill it because that was all I had. It worked quick. 

August 11 -  One of my edits from a Picsart comp. I love it! Can you guess what I was going for? 

August 12 - We tried Japanese Knot Wood for the first time and enjoyed it. Thankfully we have a ton of the lot next to us.

August 13, 2018 - Cards from my family but my favorite things were these drawings my daughter made for me. It was a surprise and they came with a note that said I wish Daddy could take us to a store to shop for you. That pretty laminated cut out is supposed to be me. She is way prettier than me but I am so thankful to have such a caring daughter.

August 14 - We love having a garden this year. Getting fresh veggies that are beyond tasty means everything but have ruin veggies from the store for me forever. My tomatoes are way better than any I have got from the store.

August 15 - Imagine coming into the room and seeing this blood but having no idea where it came from? It ended up coming for Sage my tiny kittens tail. In a freak accident she must have got it wedged in the radiator somehow.

August 16 - Picsart challenge. I didn't win but I love it anyway.

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