Tuesday, September 11, 2018

OMG This Is Us The Complete Season Is Coming To DVD, Blu-ray and Digital #thisisus REVIEW

So...before Season 2 started I decided to binge watch This Is Us. I knew all about it because every night it was on all my friends would get on Facebook and talk about it coming up soon. "Getting my tissues", "OMG Randall", "I love this show" "Can't stop crying" Was plastered all over my timeline. I passed over them because real life is hard enough I wasn't looking for a show that would make me cry. That isn't where I am in life. I have spent enough years crying real tears of real life situations. I knew Milo Ventimiglia was in it and I love him from his Gilmore Girls, Heroes days so I figured okay the first season ended let me binge watch and see what it is all about.

By the end of episode 1 I totally understood why people loved the show but wasn't sure why there were so invested in the Pearson family. By episode 4 or 5 I was completely invested. I loved it especially Jack and Rebecca. Milo is amazing as Jack and I love him with all my heart. He is the dad everyone should have.

I got up and watched Season 2 with everyone else. It was a difficult season. It made me weep, angry, happy, devastated and utter love! I feel real love for this family.

This is the season that reveals a tragic that we all knew was coming.  These actors are amazing at their craft. It is the perfect cast, with the perfect script and the perfect story line. Everything comes together in the most perfect orchestrated way. This is magic and you need to see what everyone is talking about. There is nothing like it! Each episode brings you through a range of emotions where you either cannot wait to sleep from shear exhaustion or chat with one of your friends about every detail, every line, every scene. It is therapy!  It is brilliant and you need to see it. Like a drug dealer I want you to join me in my obsession and visit with the Pearson family every week. I miss them and cannot wait for them to return to TV.

For Me This Is Us Is Jack! It is all Jack Pearson. Milo is amazing as Jack Pearson.  You can't help but love him.

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