Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mickey and The Roadster Racers On Disney - Video and Review

Do you have a preschool in love with Mickey and The Roadsters Racers? Check out their website for more fun and games including printouts for helmets, license plates, juice wraps and more.

While my kids are older I try to stay on top of all things Disney. Working with 1-3 year olds all day you want to know what they watch and especially what they sing about at school. It gives you a glimpse into their world and allows you to get to know them. Knowing the songs they are singing from the shows the watch makes me so happy as it did when my own kids were little.

When my kids were little it was The Mickey Mouse Club House and now it is Mickey and the Roadster Racers which features (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto).  These shows are 11 minutes long which 2 shows in the half hour block on the Disney Channel.  The show was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing in a preschool show.

Like most shows on Disney Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers has some cool looking merch featuring all the favorite characters.

This Gelli Mat and Storage Chair are pretty cool and my preschool class loves it. They love pointing to the characters and saying their names and I find them laying on it relaxing. I can't say I blame them because it is so comfortable. I almost kept it if I could have justified using it in my house. My daughter and I almost fell asleep while laying on it before I took it to work.

I love that it is really easy to clean with a wet paper towel and how vivid the colors are. It is perfect for babies over 1.5 years old. There are two sides to choose from. My class loved the character side.

The chair is so cute. It is easy to put together or collapse and the fact that it has storage space in the bottom makes me love it even more. It is the perfect place for us to keep our classroom books for a quiet reading corner.

I took the mat to work but will take the chair in September when we redo the room for our new incoming class. I cannot wait to see what they think about it.

Vlog of Goddess and I taking out the Mat and chair. We loved it.

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