Monday, July 10, 2017

Some Of The Cutest Touch And Feel Board Books I Have Ever Seen

Looking for some new books to read to your babies? I am always looking for books. Ones that I won't get bored after reading them for the 100th time. These cute books from Silver Dolphin are those books. My class of preschoolers and my own kids love these books.  I don't think you can see just how great they are from the photos. Truly some of my favorites ever!

Join a young bear and his mother for their very busy day in the forest with Bright Books: Baby Bear's Busy Day. This visually stunning board book features bright neon elements, soft touch-and-feel bears, and shiny foil that will capture baby's full attention and imagination. With sweet, soothing text and gentle illustrations, this engaging book will become a bedtime favorite. Follow along as baby bear has a day full of fun!

How cute is this book about a momma and baby cub? The bears are so soft and sweet. My preschoolers fought over holding this book. It is a sweet story but I think it is the adorable characters they really loved and can you blame them? 

Swim along with Bubble in the deep, blue sea in Bright Books: Bubble’s Ocean Friends! Follow Bubble on her adventure and discover turtles, starfish, crabs, and more. Lively rhyming text, bright, colorful illustrations, and shiny foiled details invite young readers to have hands-on story time. Page after page, babies and toddlers will have fun counting all of Bubble's new ocean friends.

We love these books. The colors are so vibrant! My preschool kids loved this book and kept yelling out the names of the ocean creatures. 

Shadow is a very adventurous cat, but his favorite time for adventuring is at night. He loves saying hello to the moon, strolling around on rooftops, stargazing with friends, and so much more! Read along and explore the night in this storybook with rhyming text, colorful elements that illuminate the dark, and a soft touch-and-feel cat to guide you through the night. Bright Books: Shadow's Nighttime Adventure is a delightful bedtime book for babies and toddlers.

Undoubtedly our favorite of the three. So cute. We have a cat thing especially black cats and love the colors in this book. These pictures do not do it justice.  Shadow the cat is a soft black with pink eyes that are pretty amazing under a black light.  

You and your children will absolutely love these books.

Everything beside Shadow on these pages are a gorgeous dazzling silver accent. I wish you could see it. The rain, lightening, puddles, buildings wording really stand out on the pages.

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