Thursday, July 27, 2017

Looking For A Summer Fun Toy For A Toddler? Look No Further!

From the Cat Machine Team is the perfect outdoor fun toy for 2+ years of age. I work in preschool with 2-3 year old who LOVE and fight over these trucks. They are the perfect toy for outdoor or indoor fun.

This pack comes with a Cat Tough Trucks 2 Pack - Dump Truck & Digger and sells for approximately $12.99. It is probably one of the best trucks I have seen for the preschool age.

There is a handle on the dump truck for easy carrying and the digger has two joints in the arm for loading and lifting. 

What I love most about this beside the price is that back in the day when I was a kid the trucks were heavy and rusted in the rain if you left them outside. These are made from a durable plastic that won't rust or eventually cut you with a jagged edge. They are light and easy to carry and my preschool class LOVES them AND there are no batteries required.

My video review:

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary  product. No monetary compensation was offered. All opinions are my own.

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