Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our Boss Baby Family Movie Night #bossbabyhe #bossbabymovienight #thebosssbaby

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary movie kit to talk about this movie. 

If you are living in a cave or perhaps still have your pacifier you may not have heard of Boss Baby The Movie.

We received a package for our Family Night! This was the some stellar packaging. I was in love. From the Boss Baby briefcase, to the Top Secret Mission Notebooks with pens, Magnifying glasses and two Funko Pop Boss Baby Figurines we were hooked.

Boss Baby is about a briefcase toting baby on a BabyCorp secret mission to make sure that babies will never be second to puppies.

When this coffee drinking, spicy tuna loving, suit wearing, briefcase carrying baby arrives at 7 year old Tim Templeton's house as his new baby brother, Tim quickly suspects there is more to this baby than just a dirty diaper.

It only took four years but Goddess ate her Boss Baby Sushi with chop sticks. Well the last three pieces anyway.

This movie is hysterical. Boss Baby explains how babies are created and it is not what you think. The babies are delivered to families and will mature into adults if they are ticklish BUT if not they are sent to the corporate part of BabyCorp to work. Since PuppyCo has a new campaign to make sure every family wants a puppy corporate babies are assigned to some families who work for PuppyCo. Mr. Templeton works for PuppyCo.

Boss Baby and Alec Baldwin as Boss Baby is perfect. His dry, smart aleck delivery is perfect. I cannot picture another in this role as he takes over the house and pushes Tim out. The slapping of mom's hand! LOL!!!! He is after all the boss.

 It was hard watching Tim being tossed aside for the new baby. I kept saying awww poor Tim!

We loved the baby play date where Tim overhears and records Boss Baby and his playmates Jimbo, Stacy and The Triplets reporting back to find out what they have learned. When Tim gets in trouble for the chaos in the backyard, (where were these parents not watching all these babies?) Boss Baby visits his room to explain what is going on by handing him a pacifier and telling him, "Suck on it until you find the answers you are looking for." Tim and Boss Baby are then transported to BabyCorp so Tim can see for himself.

We love how the boys finally come together as true brothers. First because they need to work together and then because they love each other.

I loved how the movie balanced out Tim's perception of how things were going on versus how things were in reality such as the fight scene with the babies in the backyard and Tim being sent to his room and Wizzie being chained to the wall. 

There is a lot of potty humor which most families find funny. I love the explanation of where babies come from which is the opening credits of the movie. Conveyor belts, pacifiers, diapers, powder all taken care of by machines.

Basically our mission was a success. We loved Boss Baby and have seen it now three times and it never gets old. A perfect movie for the whole family.

AND...of course since Cookies are For Closers...we ended our night with chocolate chip cookies.

We highly recommend Boss Baby.  If you see it or have seen it please comment below telling us your favorite parts of the movie. I doubt I could come up with one favorite scene.  BTW...Boss Baby 2 is scheduled for March 26, 2021. Hmmm...I wonder what that will be about?

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