Friday, December 18, 2015

Stocking Stuffer - Foot Beautification - DREAM WALK EXPRESS PEDI-FOOT SMOOTHER

Dr. Scholl’s NEW DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother quickly gives you smoother, more beautiful feet in the comfort of your home keeping you pedi-ready all through the winter months! This is the perfect gift for any beauty or pedicure lover!
  • Creates salon smooth feet in the convenience of your home
  • Light, contoured, handheld personal Electronic Foot 
  • Smoother device is easy to use
  • Buffs away rough, dry skin and transforms it into smooth, softer renewed skin
  • No sharp blades or soaking required
  • Replacement Roller Heads allow for extended product usage
The 411 by Maria:

Here is what I can tell you. I have never ever in my whole life had nice feet. I get it from my mother I guess. I remember my father rubbing moisturizer into the bottom of her feet all the time. They had a special foot towel and a special cream. While they watched TV he would put moisturizer on feet but it didn't make a difference. My feet are the same. No amount of moisturizer makes a real long term difference in my feet. They will always have rough dry areas that embarrass me.  I hate wearing sandals in the Summer. That doesn't mean I don't wear them. I am all about comfort so I wear them but the back of my heels I pray no one ever looks at. ]

When I got the DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother I was enticed to say the least. It claims to buff away dry, rough skin leaving softer, smoother skin. Sounds great but I was afraid.

The Dream Walk has no blades that removes the skin but it had like a nail file, sanding thing that rotates and removes the dry patches. I thought for sure it would hurt my foot. It took me a day to try it. I kept spinning it and looking at it. Finally I put a finger to it. Nothing! No pain what-so-ever. I put it to my toe and nothing. It is literally like using a nail file to your nails. There was a ton of white stuff coming off the smoother which I originally thought was skin. It isn't! It is the file. You know when you file your nail? It's the same thing.

I have used this four times and I can literally tell you that I enjoy it and especially when I can talk a kid into doing it for me. I just close my eyes and let them work the smoother over my foot.

You have to press a little and IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. My feet feel so much smoother when I am done.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants nice, smooth feet.

The price is really reasonable and is available at CVS, Walmart and Rite Aid.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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