Wednesday, December 09, 2015

3 Deals In One - Perfect For Anyone Who Likes Being Outdoors

My son loves walking around the house or deck at night listening to music. It is something he does every night to self sooth and be alone, decompress and get ready for the evening. I love that he does it but have always hated the in and out for water breaks and I worry about my MP3 Player being dropped as well as his safety. We live on a street without streetlights so when he walks around the yard I get nervous that a car won't see him if he steps onto the road. Yesterday he received the running hydration belt with water bottles package which also includes a smartphone armband for my phone and a LED bracelet for his arm, wrist or ankle

The belt has two water bottles which can each hold 6 oz of water. I love that the bottles lie slanted. My other belt has the bottles sitting straight up and they always poke me or my arm sends it flying. The slant keeps them completely out of the way. There are two zippered pockets and the belt is completely adjustable. I could wear it as well as my 12 and 10 year old.

The arm band is for a 6S/6S Plus phone. It is completely adjustable and has a place for a key. Love that....and will be borrowing for the track. He said it was really comfortable, even over his sweat jacket.

The bracelet had a strong smell when I first took it out of the bag but it went away immediately. I love that the band isn't just but also has a button that allows for three different light modes. You can have it solid, quick or slow flashing. I feel way more comfortable now that he can wear this.

This is a great set for hikers, walkers, joggers or just kids who want to walk around at night and listen to music.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. 

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