Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Volunteering This Summer Has Definitely Changed Our Lives PLUS A #GIVEAWAY

I have spent my whole life volunteering. If not at the American Cancer Society with my dad, I was working as an operator at a crises center, emergency room volunteer even a food distributor back in the day when companies paid for lunches. I always took the extra sandwiches into the subways and handed them out to the homeless on my ride home. Why waste a perfectly good sandwich?

Now that I am a mom I want to instill the importance of giving back, being grateful for what you have and helping others when you can.

This Summer we are helping out at the Community Garden in my town. It's pretty great and we have learned so much. 

Goddess weeding

Goddess is sucking up any information other growers will share

Learning about when it's time to pick eggplant
Handsome DOES not like to go. He finds it boring and hot. I will not lie; IT IS HOT! SO HOT! Sometimes I literally want to scream "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE" but when I commit to something, I commit.  So I take the kids two times a week and we weed, plant, water, do crafts and harvest. Some of the produce goes to the people who are tending the garden and sometimes it goes to the Food Pantry in town.

I am a firm believer in the fact that volunteer work is good for the soul. You are not only helping others but community service is a win/win. Your community can only be better if everyone chips in.  As a parent I feel it is my job to not only teach respect, kindness, and the like but to encourage charity.  Teaching my children that they are part of a larger community, and we are responsible for everyone around us. I feel that enforcing the value of charity I am providing my children the foundation for my son and daughter to grow up with a healthy sense of compassion and a charitable spirit that will ultimately make them the best they can be. I want the kids to be excited about as they give back to the community that has served them. 

Our plot marker
Some of the crafts we did! Wire dragon flies
 It was a lot of work to start but the twice a week maintaining is easy however, staying hydrated is important in general but when we are, under the sun (even at 9 AM) we need to drink a lot of water. We are red, sweaty, dirty, bug bitten and sometimes annoyed so the last thing we need while doing something for the community is a headache. Whenever someone says they have a headache I tell them to drink water. Headaches are a sure sign of dehydration. 

The moment they get to the garden they are already begging for their water bottles. I get it in fact today I had to borrow from Goddess because it felt like the sun was literally in the garden with me and it was only 9:18 and I had already gone through my water bottle. I don't sweat, I just get heat stroke. It's not a good thing and my kids are just like me. They are not ones who LOVE the heat.

This week we went to the garden with our new Glasstic water bottles.

Glasstic is a glass bottle that is completely shatterproof. It is the ultimate drink container especially for when on the go or in my kids case, going back to school.

Why Glass And Not Plastic?

1 - Plastic bottles over time cannot be completely cleaned out. It is a great way to introduce bacteria into your body.  You can get glass cleaner and if you are unsure there is always the option to boil it!

2 - The dangers of the chemicals in plastics being leached into the water you are drinking.

3 - How many times have you had water taste funny after you put it into a plastic bottle. This is because the plastic holds onto it. It is gas permeable but glass is not. This is why everything tastes better in glass.

4 - Glasstic IS BPA Free,Toxin Free,Metal Free

What we love most about Glasstic besides the fact that it comes in many different colors and designs is that it is leak proof. We have had MANY, MANY water bottles that were supposedly leak proof but ended up leaking over everything. Glasstic has a locking system at the top. Switch it closed to seal and go and switch it open to drink.


Glasttic wants you to experience fresh, clean, refreshing water with a generous giveaway.

Enter below for your chance to win

To Purchase (They are running a Back To School Sale now: http://www.glassticwaterbottle.com/

Disclaimer: I received complimentary bottles for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.


  1. I love the white Keep Calm and Drink Water glass bottle.

  2. I really like the Glasstic 16oz - Peace Design Blue Flip Cap. I love peace signs and older designs. This is a great idea.

  3. Glasstic Design Flip Cap - 4 Pack Assortment

  4. I would choose the Peace Design Blue Bottle.

  5. I love these bottles. I have always had an aversion to plastic. Glass feels so much cleaner. These are beautiful bottles. I especially love the flip top. The retro green one is really cool but I think my favorite is the clear bottle with the black top and bottom but beautiful blue design. I'm going to have to get one of these. Maybe I can get the three pack and share the love.

  6. I would choose the pink love design if I were to win.
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  7. I love the Glasstic 16oz - Retro Design Green Flip Cap.

  8. If I won I would choose the retro design bottle with a green flip top.

  9. I'd choose the Love Design

  10. I picked the Blue Bottle Stay Hydrated Design

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  11. Of course I like the 4 pack but if I have to choose one then I like the Tribal Ying and Yang bottle.

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  14. I'd pick the Retro Design Green Flip Cap bottle.

  15. I would have to say that I would love the Pink Bottle Yoga Design.

  16. The shatterproof glass water bottles are very nice!

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  19. I would choose the pink love design. I like these bottles.

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  21. I really really like their Glasstic 16oz - Tribal Ying Yang Design Black Flip Cap bottle. I like the color and it is a nice size too.

  22. I love "Keep Calm and Drink Water"!

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  24. I'd love to do a custom one with a purple lid that says "drink more water, make more milk" with the breastfeeding logo. :)

  25. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I would like the Glasstic 160z Clear Glass Purple Flip Cap


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