Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Walking Down Memory Lane - First Carousel Ride (Aug 26, 2008)

She was so excited when she saw the merry-go-round. She knew exactly what animal she wanted before we even got on it. She wanted to get off the moment we strapped her on.

I took my kids to the zoo this week. While there I asked them if they wanted to go on the carousel. My daughter did not hesitate. Like everything she was gung ho, knew exactly what she wanted to ride and couldn’t wait until we walked onto it. Once there someone picked her up and strapped her in while I assisted my son. I don’t know if it was because a stranger picked her up or if the giraffe was really just too big for her but she wanted off and she wanted off bad. My son also had never been on a ride at 5 years old and I really wanted him to try it. She was telling me she was scared in one ear and I was talking to her about everything being ok while trying to tell my son exactly what was going to happen. We are going to go in a circle, music is going to play and your cougar is going to go up and down.

She was begging me to take her off and I just kept telling her it was find and that I wouldn’t let her go but I really wanted to enjoy the ride because of my son.

When the ride started they were both very quiet. Her giraffe didn’t move up and down thankfully because while holding her on, I was holding him on as he went up and down. I took this picture very quickly so that we had one of her on the carousel.

When the ride ended my son really wanted to go on again but I couldn’t put her on again and we were alone. He was nervous to put him on himself so I promised him the next time he would get to ride twice. I hope my little one eventually loves rides. It was a great day and I enjoyed running around with them.

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