Monday, April 27, 2015

We Jumped For Joy This Weekend

They waited a long time but it is finally up. My sister-in-law sends money to the kids every holiday. This year we put it toward a trampoline which they only received a photo of in a large Christmas Box on Christmas Morning.

 It was ordered in January and sat in our garage since. My husband who works two full time jobs finally put it up this weekend. It was a nightmare and I thought two times he was going to give up. He said the directions sucked and I saw him throw a thing or two as I drove out to pick up something from the market at 5:30 PM. When I got back, my son was jumping away and Goddess who took the ride with me jumped out of the car saying she was sorry that she couldn't help me carry bags into the house but she had to see what was going on. LOL...

They spent the next two hours jumping before I called them in for the night. They can't wait for school to be over today and I am praying the weather allows them to jump a bit today but this is where we hope to be this afternoon.

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