Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Brunch With The Kids On Spring Break Was A Beautiful Experience

The kids and I spent the early part of the week child sitting for parents who work. It's a great way for those parents to not have to take the day off. A nice way for my kids to have a play date and a spectacular way for me to make some extra cash. It is a complete WIN!

Since I had cash in my pocket I decided to take the kids to brunch after the park on our first day alone. It was a beautiful day so we hit the swings and enjoyed a little freedom.

When they started saying they were hungry I remember we were just down the street from a delicious bistro. I seriously didn't expect to stay thinking the kids wouldn't find anything on the menu and I would take my order to go getting them something somewhere else.

They decided to stay and I was so excited. I love this place. I've only been there once but think it is decorated so cute!

The tablecloth, candle holder and salt and pepper shakers are adorable.

This is their good luck plant by the register as they only opened last month

The bread platter
She saw this photo and said, "ohhhh why did I wear so much black!"

My Crepes Suzette. I always wanted to try them. They were amazing

My chocolate chud or something. I can't remember. It was good but cost an ungodly $5.00
She does not have eyeliner on. I asked them to take off their glasses. This is her squinting
Goddess's crepes with Nutella and strawberries

Handsome had a bacon omelet with a mescalin salad. It wasn't as impressive as the other two dishes plus I was ready to eat by the time his came.

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  1. Splashes of red brighten up any home space!

    Fiery Cactus!

  2. Looks like a very cute and fun place to eat. It's nice you and your kids were able to do something fun together. My kids and I played board games yesterday on our Spring Break. I think today will be yard work.


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