Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Walk Down Memory Lane - My Week In Pictures – Aug 3-Aug 9 #memories

Let’s face it, I take a lot of pictures. Why? Well mostly because I don’t want to forget anything and I don’t want my kids to now have them. My dad took a lot of pictures but I only have about 100 pictures total of my life from newborn to when I was 20 taking my own photos. Life is fast, take as many pictures as possible. Once the moment is gone you can’t get it back but what you can get is one glimpse into it forever.

August 3, 2008 – Sunday – The hub, kids and I were on the deck. My daughter like most baby girls wants to be just like her mommy. She asked if she could borrow my hat and played at the sand table. I snapped about 15 pictures but I think I love this one the most because of the coloring. I only picked up the color of the hat and really like the effect. She is stunning no matter what I take. I love the way her hair is hanging and the tiny peek of face.

August 4, 2008 – Monday – My husband colored my hair over the weekend. We used a 2 step process color and then high lightening. I really like the effect and think he did an awesome job considering it was his first time.  The electric company stopped by to tell us that the power would be off for a few hours so I invited myself over my girlfriend’s house. She gladly invited me in even though she was already having a play-date complete with another kid and another friend. It turned into a girl fest of gossip, sex talk, bra sizes, drinking, fantasies and then they straightened my hair. Nice! My friend has to tell me what the name of this contraption was because my hair was never straighter whether done by stylist or by myself. As you can see, I was loving myself.

August 5, 2008 – Tuesday – My GF’s youngest at the lake. To see the original picture before Photoshop head over to my main blog here.

August 6, 2008 – Wednesday – I had to take one more picture of my son before I had his hair cut. My husband and I love the long hair as does my son but too many people were saying she is cute even with him sporting muscle shirts with dragons or sports equipment on them. He is playing with the Little People in my daughter’s bedroom while watching TV. She has cable and the coolest TV in the house (Santa, I hope you are listening, the boy needs a new TV, preferably like his sisters with a flat screen that can be mounted to the wall).

August 7, 2008 – Thursday – After their bath I wrapped a towel around my daughter’s hair for the first time and she couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. She loved it because “it’s just like Mommy,” I loved it because she looked cute. She is her father’s daughter so she proceeded to ham it up. What’s not to love about a baby in a girly PJ with a towel on, making faces? 

August 8, 2008 – Friday – Was a not picture day. I was out from 9:30 a.m with my girl Sheress until 4:30. I was so pissed that I didn’t have my camera but there was a reason. I have a pet peeve about being late and Sheress is ALWAYS late. On this particular morning she called as I was heading to the door and screwed everything up when she said, “I’m here!” I thought she meant the park so I hightailed it out of there. Nope, she meant the gas station, the she went to Dunkin Donuts, then SHE arrived at the park. Which meant we waited 15 minutes in the car for her. I so had time to get the camera!

After the park we headed to pick up her eldest, while I waited for her (what else is new?) to come pick me, the kids, and the car seats up. This was the first time we didn’t travel via caravan. We all got into her mini van, the kids watched a very LOUD The Golden Compass and Sheress and I talked. Very fun! Then we headed to Chili’s where I made sure I stuck to my diet by getting salad and chili. After that we headed to Target, where I picked up Wii Fit and found out I am obese. Oh well! Overweight yes, but obese? Hardly!!

Today – August 9, 2008 – Saturday- While I have some amazing pictures from today, I chose this one because my son looks so happy. I hardly ever take my kids to the yard because we have a huge deck and a creek that runs through my back yard which would you utilize? Today my husband came home and took the kids to the backyard. My son loves going down there and my husband, like most fathers,  give the kids way more freedom than I ever would. They were picking up rocks and sticks and throwing them in the creek. My son is proudly showing his to his daddy. My daughter is jumping on a rock that my husband put over a huge gopher hole.  They had an amazing time, I took a couple of pictures, did 30 minutes on Wii fit, saw them walking by the house to go around the block and met them outside to join them on the walk. I think this was the 3rd time we have walked around as a family and I was loving it.

This is a picture of my Goddess about to enter the tube slide. I had climb in from the bottom and was waiting in the elbow of the slide. I love the effect.

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