Saturday, April 11, 2015

Indoor Earth Day Activities for Kids #earthday

Earth Day, April 22nd, is often a day that families look forward to every year. Earth day is the perfect time for parents to teach their kids about the circle of life and the impact they have on the planet. Most families, then, will want to spend a majority of their days outside.

However, spending the day outside enjoying nature may not always be an option for some families. Bad weather or other issues can mean that the family needs to spend the day inside. Even so, there are a lot of great ways to celebrate the holiday. Here are some indoor Earth Day activities for kids.

Watch an educational TV series
Rainy, gloomy days were made for watching TV. Families can get together with service from to find a show that can educate and entertain everyone on the importance of living an eco-friendly life. This is a great way to show kids some aspects of the earth’s cycle that they may not be able to see any other way.

Build an indoor garden
Planting a tree or other plant is a common Earth Day tradition for many people. Even when planting something outside is not an option, families can still plant something new inside the house. Having an indoor garden with plants like herbs or simple flowers can be a great way to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle all year long.

Make some eco-friendly meals
Meal prep is a great practice for families who want to create less waste. However, meal prep is time consuming and most families find it easier to just buy the packaged items. Parents can help their kids make some items that will help them make packing a lunch much easier every day, creating less waste.

Make a model of the earth
This is a fun Earth Day craft that everyone in the family can enjoy. Use paper Mache or newspapers to construct a model of the earth and explain the processes it goes through every day to the children. Kids can have find finding the different countries and decorating their craft.

Find an online Earth Day newsletter
There is a lot of new information out there every year that can be both informative and fun. Parents can find an online newsletter that highlights what new information has come to light and give kids some new information as well. Some newsletters will even have games for kids to play online.

Make some crafts to use on the next sunny day
Crafts are a great rainy day activity any day of the year. Parents can find some crafts that can help kids protect their planet and learn more about the plants and animals surrounding them. Some examples include bird feeders, rain catchers and wind chimes. Kids can make their creations today and hang them outside when the weather is nice. Kids can even track their crafts all summer to see what impact they can have on the earth.


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