Enhancing Your Online Presence Takes More Than Just Typing A Blog Post!

In the past I blogged as a hobby. I loved everything about creating this footprint that my kids would be able to see in the future. It was a place to write about whatever and whatever came to mind or interested me. I have printed out many posts and re-read things from my kids early days that I would have otherwise forgot about in the scheme of life but thanks to blogging have given me so much joy to remember them.

This year I hope to take my website to a new level and have started looking into measuring my reach, checking out my demographics, and really looking into all the affiliation sites that contact me. Bringing my blog to a more effective, entertaining and informative site has become much more important to me.  It is time to see if I've got the chops!

This year, I will put effort into what I have loved doing for the past almost 10 years and give it the old college try. Wish me luck.

See how measuring your online can benefit you!


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