Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Create a Healthier Living Space for Your Family

You want the best for your family. You feed them healthy meals as often as possible, and you encourage them to be active, but is your home's environment working against you? Kids (and you!) are exposed to countless damaging elements every time you walk out the door. So, the home should be a healthy sanctuary to retreat to. Many people don't realize how unhealthy their living space is until they really evaluate it. Below are some tips to create a healthier home.

  • Ducts and Vents - Chances are good you probably take the vacuum to air vents as soon as you see dust or spider webs accumulating, but what about the vents you don't see? How filthy is the one behind the entertainment center or under the bed? When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? Speaking of ducts, how long has it been since the filter in the furnace was changed?
  • Vacuum Walls - You may not see the layer of dust coating your walls, but there is probably one there. If you have pets, then there is likely dander mixed in, too. Get in the habit of vacuuming your walls with an attachment once every couple weeks.
  • Clean the Blinds - No one likes cleaning blinds. It is one of the absolute worst jobs. It's not hard, but it is time-consuming. Do you have a teenager? Let them earn a little extra money doing this.
  • Wall Water Feature - A healthy environment addresses both your body and mind. A wall water feature will soothe your mind and reduce stress. Plus, water evaporation helps combat dry air. Also, the movement of water creates negative ions that clean the air. You can get one at LuxeWaterWalls.com.
  • Convert the Fireplace - If you are still burning wood, you are damaging your family's health. Smoke from a wood fire puts everyone at higher risk for asthma attacks, cancer, heart attacks, respiratory infections, and other health concerns. Put a bio ethanol burner in the fireplace and you can enjoy an environmentally friendly one.
  • Address Mold and Mildew - A space with excessive moisture is a welcoming environment for mold. You may not think you have any, but when was the last time you thoroughly checked the basement?
  • Beneficial Plants - Not only do plants provide a space with natural art, many are really phenomenal air cleaners. Weeping figs, bonsai trees, areca palms, and Australian sword ferns are a few great examples.


  1. Thanks for all of your information.This is a great site

  2. I really need to do better at deep cleaning our home. Thanks for the checklist :)

  3. I like the teenager cleaning the blinds!!! Great tips to think about and keep up with when cleaning the house!! Rita Spratlen

  4. You are so right, I hardly ever think about the ducts located behind or under furniture, and they need to be cleaned also, I have washed most of my walls because I quit smoking and the rooms still smelled like smoke, it helped but they were horrible yellow and have repeated with better luck at times, not a routine cleaning, but something that needs to be done, thanks for the hints now that I am retired, I have more time to clean..LOL


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