Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Favorite Child Proof Case For My Kindle

Marware Swurve Kid Proof Case for Kindle Fire HD 7", Pink

I have been using an awesome Kindle Cover since getting my Kindle Fire for Christmas. It is sleek and black IT also makes me very nervous when I hand it over to the kids. It is thin, they are young and play around so the stress of letting them use it outweighed my need to let them. There are some great educational apps that I want them to use but never really let them.
When we got the Marware Swurve Kid Proof Case, I slipped my Kindle in and handed it. off. My son used it first, "I can use it he asked? YES!" He said he liked how it felt in his hands. It is soft and cushioned so I can totally see why he loved it. It also makes the Kindle appear much larger which the kids loved.

My daughter loved the color and the shape. I also love the shape. Not just a rectangle. It is easy to put the Kindle in and take it out. All ports and speakers are assessable.

My only complaint is there is no stand for it. Many times we use the Kindle hands free while eating or brushing our teeth which means it has to either be held our lay flat. A little hard to view a movie or read when it is laying flat.

Great for apps and reading!

Disclaimer: I received this as part of a Vine Review Program from Amazon

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