Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Least Favorite Celebrities

Originally Posted July 25, 2008

1. Star Jones – Really what the hell is up with this women. When she was on the View she seemed kinda uppity. She was arguing with whomever and then there was that whole deal with her trying to get her whole wedding paid for by sponsors or something and now that she is not on she wants to appear to be just some down home modest, demure women. Ummmppphh.

2. Nicole Kidman – I never really understood the whole Nicole Goddess Kidman thing. I mean is she a good actress? Is there anything that she was in that rocked? She seems so cold to me. Based on looks it just seems that she has a rough exterior. She always seemed so phony to me.

3. Heidi Montag – Who the hell is she and why is she taking up so many pages of my favorite rag magazines. Hate her, her new face and her boyfriend.

4.Paris Hilton – I still not get why we are so interested in her. Is it the name?

5. Amy Winehouse – Her song Rehab was so big and I still had not heard it. Finally! It sucked and she is a total mess. What is the hype? She is disturbing.

6. Britney Spears – Honestly, I hate putting her on this list. She is a train wreck and I want to see her pick herself up. She was on the top of the world and could have had a tremendous career. There is still time but I wish she would keep herself locked up and out of the tabloids.

7. Matthew McConaughey finally a guy on my list. He really isn’t that bad but he is probably the only male celebrity in the top 100 that I would not sleep with. He always seems like he needs a bath to me. I am not even sure what it is that he is famous for other than showing off his incredible pecs.

8. Elizabeth Hasselbeck – is that how you spell her friggin name? She got this gig because she was cute and likable on Survivor. She annoys me to the core. She comes off as feeling as though she is better than everyone else. She opens her mouth about everything and I feel that she is one of those people who feel that her opinion is the ONLY opinion. If you aren’t with her, you are against her.

9. Rachel Ray – I used to kind of like Rachel. She seemed quite likable when she was on the Food Network. Now that she has her own she annoys me the same way Elizabeth does. TO THE CORE. Why is she so loud? Why does it seem like when she asks a guest a question and they answer that she really didn’t listen to what they said at all? She has a bunch of canned comments and that gets old quick.

10. Martha Stewart – Is it me or does Martha just seem like she has a friggin stick up her arse? Her expression is that of one that has smelled something bad. She just seems that she looks down her nose at the world. We are all a bunch of

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  1. Be curious to know how would be on your list today.


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