Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Who Says TV Rots The Brain????

Originally Posted on July 21, 2008

I have always been an advocate for children watching TV as long as it is the right kind of shows. My kids are 3 & 5 and have never seen Spiderman, Jimmy Neutron, Power Rangers, Batman, Rugrats and other shows which are intended for children but are either violent, deal with situations that I don’t want them to see or hear yet or use language that I think is unnecessary. Ever hear Angelica from the Rugrats call the “babies” stupid?! Grrrr…

My son used to watch Sesame Street, The Wiggles and Blue’s Clues. Eventually we branched into Barney but this was all he watched until he was 4. Most of the shows he gravitated toward all featured real people along with a character or in the case of Blue’s Clues a cartoon.

Handsome was almost 2 when sitting on the swing with me outside, said, “b-l-u-e spells Blue and h-o-u-s-e spells house. I was floored and amazed because I always felt that he was learning so much from Blue’s Clues but to be spelling for me from memory before he was even 2 was too cute.

At 5 years old he is still content to watch Blue, Barney, Max and Ruby and for a short time while it was on, the Upside Down Show.

Yesterday, my daughter and I were enjoying the lake. She was in her little tube and I was pushing her through the water.

Goddess – “is there dolphins in this water mommy?”
Me – “no because dolphins are in the ocean”
Goddess – “no they aren’t”
Me – “yes honey they live in the ocean”.
Goddess – “dolphins don’t eat people.”
Me – “you are right, they don’t, they eat fish.”
Goddess – “no mommy, fresh river dolphins eat crabs.”

Thanks to Dora or Diego, my daughter beat me at that conversation. Hello, help, she is 3 years old.
Today, while I was dog sitting for a friend who is on an overnight trip; Goddess saw the dog jumping on the bench outside. He jumped on, jumped off, jumped on, jumped off. Exercise? I have no idea but I digress….

Goddess – “Rocky, santa.”
Me – “Santa?”
Goddess – “yes, mama, Little Bill’s daddy said that when they were jumping.”

My husband walked outside and he grew up speaking Spanish at home so I said,
“does Santa mean jump in Spanish?”

He tells me no!

When I had a chance to look up jump in Spanish on the computer I find out that Salto or saltar means jump. Check it out! My baby showed us both up.

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