Friday, June 14, 2013

National Productivity Day Is June 20th What Task Are You Cracking and Smacking?

Here are 7 Tips To A More Productive Move from Unpakt

1.       Go Big or Go Home: When prioritizing your moving tasks, focus on the most important task, even if it’s the biggest and most time consuming.  Moving your attention to the quickest, and perhaps least important, task will only cost you in the end.

2.       Divide and Conquer: Divide your tasks by categories such as packing, cleaning and paperwork. Focus on each area separately and completely.  Rather than pulling paperwork out multiple times, tackle your mailing address change forms, kid’s school forms, mortgage documents and more, at once.  Don’t let distractions such as kid’s artwork in the school folder move your attention elsewhere. Kid’s room packing can be next.

3.       Don’t Shop: While it can be tempting to start shopping ahead of time, it can create more work in the end. You may not have room for all the little extras you’ve purchased, or ultimately decide to go down a different design route once you’re in your new space.

4.       Turn Off Technology: Instead of letting emails, TV and more, distract you, turn off interruptions so you can keep your focus on the task at hand.  

5.       Plan Your Move: Rather than talking about what you and your family or housemates SHOULD do, talk about what you ARE doing. Never leave a conversation without understanding clearly what you and the other people involved will be handling.

6.       Take a Break: Getting up and away from the packing and moving reenergizes you and slows down the end of day crash.  The time spent away from the boxes will be more than made up when all is said and done.

7.       Be Positive: If you begin your day feeling excited about your upcoming move, you’ll be more productive, and well, a whole lot happier. Complaining makes you more overwhelmed and less efficient. So, laugh a lot to keep the mood light.  After all, you’re moving into a new home with new adventures ahead!

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