Saturday, May 11, 2013

When My Handsome Turned 5 in 2008

I really wanted to write this yesterday but with it being my son’s 5th birthday, Mother’s Day and the fact that my husband wouldn’t be home after 4:30 p.m. I really wanted to spend the day just enjoying time with my family.
5 Years ago on Mother’s Day was one of the happiest days of my life.
I have written about this in the past but to sum it up, my son was breech and was scheduled to be born on May 13th by Cesarean. However, on the morning of May 11th at 3:30 a.m. my water broke, we rushed to the hospital and I became a mom for the first time.
5 years ago, where did the time go?
5 years ago, I held you and wished the moment would never end. 5 years ago, I was handed a beautiful baby, wrapped in a blue blanket. 5 years ago, I kissed your forehead and said, “Hi, I’m, your mommy.”
5 years ago we, your father and I, became a family. We were married 8 years before you came, but you made US a FAMILY.
5 years ago, you gave me the name “Mommy,” a name I longed to hear myself referred to after not being able to use the word for more than 25 years.
5 years ago, you I loved your father with every cell in my body. Giving birth to you and seeing him in a totally different way, sealed my love for him forever. I was IN LOVE and knew he was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
5 years ago, I never loved anyone so hard in all my life.
5 years ago, you saved me.
Baby boy, (I will call you this until the day I die) I love you so much. Our relationship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. You are loving and sweet. You tell me you love me at least 25 times a day (No doubt where you learned that from – I have done it to you since you were born).
You kiss me and hug me at least 30 times a day. Again, I am not surprised, I told everyone that you would end up with a permanent kiss mark on your forehead because I could not stop kissing you.
You are challenging and assuring, strong and sensitive, caring and nurturing and shy and boisterous, loving and kind.
You love me to hold your hand or touch your head when you sleep, something I have done since your first days.
You love me to sing to you and still enjoy hearing the songs I put you to sleep to.
You are beginning to read and love hearing how things are spelled.
You know right from left and use directions every moment you can.
You like taking care of your sister but like most siblings, fight like the cats and dogs.
You enjoy watching movies, being read to, playing games on XBox or the computer, coloring, 
playing games like Bingo, going to the park and going on play dates.
5 Things I love About You:
1. You love hugs and kisses.
2. You are extremely sensitive and like being held and rocked still.
3. You take care of your sister. When she calls you, you run to see if she is ok. You help her turn on lights she can’t reach, open doors she can’t open, take her shoes off or get her something she can’t get.
4. You enjoy laughing and have the best laugh.
5. You tell me you love me every single day. You thank me for taking you places and apologize
when you do something you shouldn’t.
I love you with all my heart baby boy. You are my heart on legs and I pray that you always want to spend time with me.
Love, Mommy.

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