Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Planning For My First Community Yard Sale

My town has an awesome community Facebook page started by a mom in town who heard a friend of hers had one going in her town and it was pretty successful. It is called a Mom Tagsale Site where woman from the community all join the Facebook page, list their item, a description, and price. After that others members who are interested ask more questions, haggle a price, or say I'll Take It. The seller and buyer arrange a meeting place, we meet at our town Redbox and exchange product for a couple of bucks. It has been around for about a year and is used by many in the community. We laugh about it as we all meet in the same place sometimes meeting more than one person. I have meet a lot of woman I never knew in my town and have become friends with them. It is a great way to weed out the house, make some pocket cash and extend your friend base.

My kids are really getting in on it as well because every time Goddess or Handsome sell something I give them the money. They love making some money for their piggy banks and I love that I am not raising hoarders.

The Tagsale site is great but some of us with a LOT of items have decided to do a community yard sale which will benefit the church in town as our table rental fee is going toward them.

I have spent the past few weeks organizing bins of things and trying to price items. As a child this was something my mom did at least once a year but everything was used and priced really, really low. This sale will be a bit different. Some items are brand new, never used, relevant items and nothing is ratty.  I will be getting rid of clothing, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, Video Games, Toys, jewelry, shoes, and more.

After researching I found out:
  • I should use painters tape so that it doesn't adhere to the item.
  • Price the items to sell. I hope to not have to take too many items home. Hopefully at least 75% go!
  • Price everything. People will not consider an item if there is no price on it.
  • Expect people to haggle. Don't get mad if people ask you to accept a lower price.
  • Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!
My plan is to tag all the bigger items and than have baskets of items that are worth $1.00, $2.00, $3.00. I have a ton of those things.

So far I have 4 bins and a bunch of stuff I have no bins for. I am also sorting out things that will get a better price at some other online sites where you can sell your stuff and make some money.

Wish Me Luck! I hope to at least make $150.00


  1. Good luck! I'd suggest pricing everything because when things get busy, you won't remember the bin pricing. Or things could get moved from one bin to another, and the next shopper wouldn't know about the original bin.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I need to have yard sale so bad. To make some money and make some room for more stuff we don't really need. :o) I like the idea of using painter's tape ~ and it is no doubt cheaper than price tags. I wish we had a Facebook like what you mentioned! I think that is wonderful!


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