Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Car Wash Can Be Scary When You Are 3 Years Old

This is a way back post from August 31, 2008

I took the two of them into a car wash the other day. My son was amazed, this was the 2nd time and he couldn’t wait. The Goddess on the other hand was very nervous. She kept hiding behind her juice to peek out.

In this one she is saying, “no, no pictures”.
Handsome loved the sudsy water that cascaded over the vehicle. He just kept saying, “the sun’s going down. Look it’s night time.”


  1. How cute :) I used to love car washes when I was little!

  2. I am with Baby Goddess all the way! What if the windows break? What if I didn't pull into the car wash just right and something bashes through the side of my car??? No, no, no car washes unless the car has no people in it!

  3. I funny I never thought of this from a kids point of view, my son would probably think it was really cool.


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