Saturday, May 18, 2013

PonyTail Pals Made Two Girls Very Happy

Awww we love our Ponytail Pals....they are adorable animals that are attached to a hair band and stay with you all day. 

We were surprised by the Tiffany blue box and even more surprised when we opened it and found two. How did they know we were babysitting that day for our friend Morgan?  The girls ooohhh'd and ahhhh'd over how cute stinking cute they were and t took no time for Goddess and her friend Morgan to decide which one they wanted. 

Goddess wanted the dog and Morgan asked for the Monkey.

 Look how cute they look with their PonyTail Pals.

Here is a closer view of the puppy in Goddess' hair. 

The 411 by Maria:

The girls love how cute they were. They both want the entire collection and think their friends would love them too. They said to quote, "all girls love animals duh" when I asked if they liked them.

Morgan says, she thinks they are cute because they are different.

Goddess says, they are cute because they are like little tiny stuffed animals that you get to keep with you all day long.

I think they are cute because they make me feel like my child has a friendly, lovey with them all day especially while in school when they are away from their comfortable, nest and loving family. They are not alone. They have a friend. 

We all love that you can also wear them on your wrist like a bracelet, showing off your adorable friend.

Also, I have to just mention that the packaging is adorable. We fell in love with the whole thing from the box, to the business cards, and of course the product.


  1. I want that duck or elephant.

  2. love the monkey

  3. My daughters would like the dolphin!

  4. The bunny is too cute.

  5. I like Brown Dog.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. My daughter would love the tan dog. So cute! tylerpants(at)

  7. I'd love the White Bunny!


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