Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook: Includes 150 Healthy & Delicious Recipes


The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook ~ Specialized advice, healthcare and nutritional information for individuals undergoing cancer treatment (also perfect for caregivers). An invaluable resource with tips, empowering information & advice, and 150 delicious & healthy recipes. Jean LaMantia is a cancer survivor and cancer specialist based in Toronto & Dr. Neil Berenstein is a medical specialist Toronto, Ontario.

Topics and discussion points for Essential Cancer Treatment:

• What causes hair loss during chemotherapy?

• What is a hormone dependent cancer?

• Is it common to be tired after radiation?

• Stem cell therapy is only used for specific cancers – what are they?

• Eating sporadically will not help your appetite to return, but keeping a regular eating schedule will help. What are some guidelines for establishing a good eating schedule?

• To help regain weight, drink high-calorie beverages like fruit juice, smoothies, soy milk, almond or rice beverages

• What is the connection between food and mood?

• What are some of the latest cancer therapies and what are their side effects?

• Complementary cancer care

• Beneficial foods, therapeutic nutrients

• Foods to avoid or limit

• Menu planning for side effect management, including liquid/soft food plan and high-energy high protein plans

• Shopping lists, food safety and storage

• Recipes for cancer treatment and beyond, including: reviving breakfasts, restorative soups, uplifting light meals, encouraging main dishes, recuperative vegetables and  calming sauces, comforting grains and potatoes, sustaining snacks, nurturing desserts, soothing ice pops and refreshing beverages

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