Friday, June 15, 2012

Machine Gun Preacher - A Review

The 411 by Maria:
I am a huge Gerard (Jerry) Butler fan and have loved him since Phantom of the Opera!  In Machine Gun Preacher he plays Sam, a rough and tumble criminal who is hooked on drugs and upon getting out of jail finds out his wife has found God! She goes to church and supports him no matter what kind of trouble he gets in. I spent half the movie wondering if she was completely in love with him or just dumb. They say that behind every good man is a great woman and her constant support brings him to church where he finds the strength to finally turn his life around. He is Mr. Upstanding citizen helping others and suddenly running to East Africa to help rebuild.  Before you know it he has taken children in and all the kids know him. He comes home and builds a church and travels back to Africa to fight against Joseph Kony’s slaughtering army. 

Jerry does a great job as usual but like I said, I am a big fan. The story is interesting and at times horrifying even more so knowing it is a true story.  If all it does is entertain that will be the minimum. Hopefully it will draw more to know and hopefully fight against the onslaught of humanity going on around the world. So much innocence lost. But if nothing else, this film shows that we should never give up on anyone because everyone can turn their life around if they choose to. 

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