Friday, June 08, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

MillCreek Entertainment has so many DVD box sets to choose from and the prices are unbeatable.

They are also offering my readers 25% OFF ALL PURCHASES at Mill Creek Home Entertainment when they use code CDP25 on checkout.

Does Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Jim, or your hubby like watching military content? Well, they can get  a 30-day FREE TRIAL of America's Wars, the new streaming channel that provides exclusive military content not available on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon.   Visit for complete details

Does Dad have an abundance of home movies just waiting to be put onto DVD? Give him a box! "A Box?" you say! Yes, my love, a box! Maybe he has a ton of things he has been meaning to transfer onto digital. Now he can!
Surprise Dad by sending him an empty PeggyBank box, which he can fill with as many old yellowed photos, VHS and audio tapes – even 8mm film – as he can squeeze in. PeggyBank will convert everything in the box to high quality digital files, upload them to your new personal PeggyBank “vault,” and send you back the originals (or dispose of them if you prefer). Just like that, PeggyBank saves you the trouble of digitizing generations’ worth of family memories, while helping Dad (and Mom) clean out the basement. 

Suddenly all of your family’s memories can be digitally accessed, edited, curated and shared anytime, anywhere, from any device, privately or publicly (think extending your Facebook Timeline back into history). And it all started with the most thoughtful empty box you’ve ever given someone. 

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