Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kidz Bop for The Kid In All Of Us

I have been writing about Kidz Bop for a few weeks now.  I cannot tell you how many of my friends have told me that their kids LOVE Kidz Bop since posting this picture of my Kidz Bop loot on my Facebook page.

My kids love music and I know this is not the exception. Everyone loves music but not all music is meant for everyone. There is way too much inappropriate music on the radio so we have never listened to the radio in the car but prefer that the kids listen to music we download to our MP3 Players which we use in the car.

They are going to grow  up quick enough and they don't need to know about half the things that are mentioned in the top 40 songs on the radio these days. But...I don't believe in sheltering them so much that they don't know the songs their friends listen to on the radio which is why I love Kidz Bop.

It is all top 40 songs with kids singing it and the words are changed to be appropriate for children to sing.

We had no idea that Kidz Bop also had books, DVDs and Activity Books! What a great gift idea for your child or anyone's. We have a few birthday parties lined up this summer and a gift box of Kidz Bop stuff is affordable and kids will love it!

You can see the Kidz Bop Kids sing Edge of Glory here. 


Photobucket isn't just music and DVD's either. Looking for a summer read your kids will enjoy? Check out this.


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