Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Saved My Weekend

While I am not out running a marathon and can honestly say...this will never happen. Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel inserts have changed my life.

This weekend was as usual flying from here to there and like most days, if I am not working at the computer, my butt doesn't touch down for 5 minutes until 9:30 PM. It is what it is and I am use to it. However, my poor feet, if you sat them down and asked their opinion of their owner they would probably utter things like, "she doesn't care about us!" "She takes us for granted." And.."She gives us zero attention!" And...I have to admit, they would be right.

I am not a woman who needs pedicures every other week. I rarely buy good shoes (it's a financial thing), AND I don't moisturize them enough! They are a sad, sad body part who I count on to get me from point A and point B.

The other day everything changed, Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel arrived in the mail. I buy them for my husband every 6 months for his achy feet and now it was my turn.

WOW...I know things are bad when I put them on and I literally felt like I was walking in heaven! The difference was unbelievable. Night and day!  Usually by the end of the day, my feet ache and I finally sit with foot pain but don't even try to calm or sooth them, I just keep going!

Not anymore. Just like I get Teach his massaging gel inserts, I will be getting them for myself and if I can find some for the kids, they want them too!

This weekend I was on my feet from 7:38 A.M. until 9:42 P.M. and at the end of the day when I finally realized I had yet to sit. I took my shoes off and felt well, nothing and that is a good thing!

I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent.

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  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    These sound like a great product to try. Glad they helped your feet Maria.


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