Friday, June 22, 2012

BODY BACK: The Mother’s Handbook to Medical, Physical, and Emotional Well Being+Interview with Author Heather Porter + GIVEAWAY


Whether you had your baby yesterday or thirty years ago, you have had to change dramatically to cope with the stresses and strains of modern motherhood, on your body, your mental health, and your relationships. Mother of four, Heather Porter, shares her hands-on experience of getting your old self back. She details her exercises, eating habits, beauty tips, dress sense, and often hilarious experiences with contributions from her team of experts.

Heather claims it is never too late to get your body back after kids and I was very interested in hearing what she had to say on this as I feel I never really had a body to begin with. Well...OK...I had one once but getting it back seems nearly impossible but I am open to hearing more how about you?

When you are in the throes of mommy hood worrying about yourself seems so trivial, how do I fight the guilt when I try to take time for me? Women do feel guilty about spending time on themselves, it is how we are wired. But it is not trivial by any means, we shouldn't under value the importance of our well-being. We are able to cope far more if we are in full working order. Our mental health affects every waking moment, if we are tired and worn down we are more susceptible to illness. Therefore it benefits all the family if we do take some time to recharge our batteries.

What is the best way to start putting yourself back on the list? Mom's priorities are often at the bottom of the family list, which is why it is important to remember you do have a voice. I know how difficult it can be to focus on something, it also depends on what it is. Talk about it with your partner, see how you can work it into your schedule. If your children are too young for school, can you team up with another Mom and take it in turns to watch the kids? We are good at multi-tasking after all, I carried Body Back notes in my handbag everywhere so whenever an opportunity arose I could whisk them out and write something.

Isn't it more about the mindset than what you actually look like or am I delusional? Mindset is very important, to feel happy and confident from within is essential to your well-being. This is also a reflection on your health and nutritional intake. Your brain health relies on your choice of diet just as much as your figure. To take care of ones appearance can also bring you confidence and that feel good factor. Don’t give up on your beauty regime just because you are a Mom.

What is the easiest way for me to get started? This depends on your situation, how young or old your offspring are, how much time do you really have. Think about your game plan and make sure it is realistic, If you have young children at home I have many tips in Body Back how to exercise in that situation. Regarding changes in your diet do this gradually too therefore it will be more sustainable. There are three chapters on food and drink in Body Back.  

How should one approach getting their body back and when? There is 'too' soon if you have only just had a baby. Give your body time to heal before you throw yourself into exercising. Discuss with your Doctor when your body is ready and start gradually. I mention in Body Back about Relaxin, this hormone can take a long time to leave your body. Relaxin relaxes your ligaments and joints so that you can deliver a baby. You body may still be in a 'relaxed' state and if you over do it you can harm yourself. Start with improving your nutritional intake, eat more vegetables and minerals.  

What if my body was never there to begin with? Is there still a chance for me? Absolutely! Fantastic that you want to start now. Everyone can improve their health and their body shape at any age. Coronary heart disease is a big bad killer and by reducing excessive weight and exercising \\regularly you can reduce the risks. Plus you will feel great too!

So, if you have been dying to get your body back and need direction; check out Heather's book and her website.  Her book is also available on Kindle for only $7.99 at Amazon.

Plus...Heather wants to offer one of my readers a chance to win a copy of Body Back, so enter below and good luck.

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