Sunday, June 03, 2012

Easter Pictures and Yes, I Know It is June!

But I have not had time. I do run a community news site and all! Life is busy now if I were only making minimum wage I would be rich with all the hours I put in. I can dream can't I?!

Well, anyway...Easter 2012.

This year the baskets contained Squinkies, Littest Pet Shops, Fur Real Bunnies, Kites, Orbeez, and more. Not much candy. Handsome doesn't really eat much.

Handsome was up by 5:00 a.m. and as usual had to wait for the whole house to wake before he could look in his basket. When I finally got up at 6:30, he wished me a Happy Easter and told me he was waiting forever.

Goddess finally got up at 7:30 thank goodness because as patient as he was, he was starting to touch his basket. I can't say I blame him.

When she woke she walked directly to the baskets but we had to wait for Teach! Eventually I told them to go right ahead. How much can kids be expected to wait when things are staring them right in the face?

I love watching them go through their baskets and showing the other what they received. Wonder how long I have before, well, you case they ever read this...Mommy Loves You!

The bunnies are from their Aunt in California. The are cute. You pet them and they hop. Right now, the pets that don't require food and care are perfect for us.

After breakfast they played with their gifts and we eventually headed to my mother-in-laws, as we do every Easter. We don't see them as much as I would like. The kids love going there but I think my in-laws after raising two of my four nieces are kid'ed out.  They are only in the states 6 months of the year and it happens to be while the kids are in school so we only have the weekends. They never call to invite and when I invited this way, my mother-in-law says no. Umm...oh well. It is what it is. We stopped inviting, maybe this year we will try again.

It is usually inevitable that the kids and the husband will head out to the back yard. This is the yard that my husband played in when he was a kid which makes it even sweeter that they go out together. It is a beautiful view of the New York City Skyline and my Father-in-Law asked that I get some photos of the Freedom Towers.

 I love how small Goddess looks walking next to her daddy!

Handsome wasn't sure if he wanted to leave the yard to go to the park. There was a discussion. He left for about 5 minutes and then they came back. I guess swings and slides aren't as cool as running through their Abuela's yard.

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