Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Photos

My seltzer with a lime and lemon twist. Ahhhh...refreshing.

Ventured upon a movie set last week. Always fun to see when you are driving by. This film is being shot by Ash Christian.

The simple things for me will always revolve around my little family of 4. Just being with the kids and my man make me so very happy. We don't have to do anything special, just being together is enough. This is what I remember as a kid too. The bad stuff is there but I have to remind myself of it. The stuff that really sticks around are the good things. My parents didn't have much but when we were together we had everything. This is exactly what I hope my kids bring away from their childhood.


  1. Here from Simple the shot of your family walking along.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Artful seltzer and a twist! Happy SOOC Sunday!

  3. The seltzer shot is awesome. Looks refreshing too!
    A movie set, that would be fun and interesting.
    The photos of your family are very nice. They seem to be enjoying the day. Nothing like spending time with family!
    Nice Post!

  4. Anonymous9:09 PM

    As usual, I love them all, but my faves are of the kids, they are beautiful.
    Have a great week.


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